Our Virtual Assistant Services

1. Business Support Services

Bookkeeping Services
Keeping track of your expense and income flows.

Oil Trade Services
Mediating between buyers and sellers of Crude Oil and AGO/D2.

Transcription Services
Converting audio/video files to text files.

Word Processing/Presentation
Typing notes taken at meetings or a PowerPoint presentation for a seminar.


2. Digital Marketing Services

Contact Database Management
Transferring business card data to a database and prospecting them.

Email Marketing Services
Sending out newsletters to your email list.

Social Media Management
Social Media Account Setup; Using your social medial account to promote your business.

Website Development & Maintenance
Giving you a web presence on the internet and updating the website.


3. IT Support Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Ensuring the security of your data even in event of a disaster.

IT Assets Management
Monitoring and proactively ensuring your IT assets are running efficiently.

IT Training
Ensuring the human capacity in your organisation are up-to-date in the IT world.

Vendor Management
Ensuring vendors deliver products/services as specified.



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