Social Media Management: Friend or Foe

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Written by Idara Akan - 04/07/2016

The Ortumorpor called Social Media!

social media management by 5m eservicesMany business owners committed a social media management blunder by jumping into the bandwagon of the social media world because it was the ‘in thing’ without understanding the advantages of using the social media platform. For instance, are you aware that if the target market of your business is also a business, you are better off on Linkedin?

Why? That is the platform of business professionals!

Thus it makes marketing sense to have an account on that platform. But most people go for a Facebook account because everyone is there. A Facebook account is better suited to businesses that sell to consumers. However, a Facebook account can be used to populate a LinkedIn account!

It just depends on your social media goals!


The Signs! (some social media management challenges)

social media management 5m eservicesFor the business owners who do not have social media management as their core business, they would have observed:

  1. Social media management is time consuming. Posts have to be prepared for posting and promotion. Articles to further educate prospects/clients on their offerings have to be researched on, and prepared for posting and promotion. At the same time, comments and activities made by your community on the various platforms need to be attended to.
  2. It could be distracting as well! You may be diverted by other posts/articles that are very interesting but not relevant to the job at hand. Thus other tasks that are yet to be done suffer.
  3. Usually, social media users go online first thing in the morning, during their lunch break or on their way home: more often in the second and third time slots as they would want to clear their desks in the first half of the day. If you had posted your materials in the morning slots, by the time your audience come online in the afternoon/evening slots, your posts may have been overshadowed by more current posts! If the posts have been reacted to by your community, you have to respond as quickly as possible to keep up the interest. But alas, your core business activities are now keeping you occupied since you had delayed carrying them out first thing in the morning to be able to send out your posts/ articles!


 Want to beat the challenges above? Find out now or continue reading. 


The Solution (how to enjoy using social media!)

social media management 5m eservicesFor your social media activities to be efficient, there should exist a social media plan prepared for the goal(s) to be reached. If the above mentioned tasks are not in your job description, your original job description will definitely suffer.


With a social media plan in place, it becomes easier to outsource this process. The materials to be posted could be prepared well ahead of schedule and the frequency and timing of the postings would have been established from past experience. However, if the results were not favourable, perhaps due to the workload, another time slot could be tested for better results.


With a virtual assistant, owing to the flexible time schedule, it would be possible to test the different time slots to determine the one best suited for the organisation. Should it happen that a social media plan is not in place, the business owner would need to give the virtual assistant the goal to be achieved by using the social media platform e.g. creating an email list; generating traffic to the website; increasing sales etc.


Now depending on other factors e.g. the time to reach the goal; the budget available; the target market; the metrics to be monitored, the social media platform(s) will be determined and the social media plan formulated to attain the goal(s) considering the constraints. Once the social media plan has been agreed on by both parties, the implementation of the social media plan can be commenced.


social media management 5m eservicesWhere a social media account doesn’t exist, one should be immediately created so that the population of the account can be commenced in line with the social media plan.

The metric report should be monitored on a weekly/ monthly basis to determine if the plan is favourable. Where it isn’t, a slight tweaking should be done and subsequently monitored. This process - tweaking should be continued until the goal is achieved. Usually, it takes a minimum of three months consistent monitoring to determine a pattern.


Do tell:

  • What goals do you have that need the use the social media platform as a marketing channel?
  • What metrics are you monitoring to determine social media marketing success?



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